Juice Cleansing


The cleaner we eat, the clearer we think, the better we can embrace life!

~Improves digestive function
~Increases energy levels and productivity
~Flushes toxins from the digestive system
~Fuels the body with vital nutrients
~Serves as a reboot, potentially igniting lifestyle changes
~Challenges willpower and determination

Cleansing is a means of initiating proper digestive function. Stripping the body of harbored toxins promotes a renewed appreciation of nutritious whole foods.

Psychological Challenges: Hunger vs. Appetite
Keep in mind this is a detox, not a fast. You will find yourself challenged by the temptation of food, therefore maintaining an appetite throughout.  On the contrary, I wouldn’t recommend ‘going hungry.’  Biologically speaking, hunger and appetite are separate entities. Appetite is the psychological aspect of food. It’s the smell of fresh baked cookies triggering desire within you. It’s the feeling you should be eating when a social situation calls for it, even if you’re not hungry. Hunger is the physiological trigger prompted by the body to remind you it’s time to refuel. Perhaps your stomach growls, you become irritable or feel drowsy. Detoxing is predominately a psychological challenge.

How does one distinguish between the two?
When I begin to feel hungry, I remind myself I am allowed to drink more juice.  If the allotted daily juices are not enough to satiate your hunger, drink more!  Although, when hunger strikes, I generally think to myself, I don’t want more juice.  I don’t want to make, smell, or taste it.  That’s when I realize I’m being tormented by my appetite, and not actually experiencing hunger.  When you’re body is truly hungry there’s not a chance of it turning down fresh fuel.

Interesting bowel movements
Whether cleansing or not, bowel movements vary from individual to individual.  For some, a morning bowel movement is a regular occasion, for others this may be rare.  Depending upon your level of toxicity  you may experience red or black stool.  Beets are generally the culprit and should not be cause for concern (unless the condition persists.)  Dense, black stool is often the result of residual toxins from drugs and/or alcohol.  You may find yourself spending more time than usual in the bathroom simply because your body is unusually hydrated.



Water is a crucial component of the detox and functions as a natural lubricant, aiding the body through the flush. The general rule of thumb assumes individuals should consume a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day. However, appropriate water intake is more accurately determined by taking one’s weight and dividing it in half to determine the minimal number of ounces required daily. For example, an individual weighing 130lb would require 65 ounces, or about 2 liters of water per day. Remember, that this an approximation, and is not taking into consideration factors such as altitude, pregnancy, or physical exertion.

Be Mindful

Beast it
Challenge yourself!  You are welcome to drink as much juice as you like. Conversely, it is not acceptable to skip juices just because you don’t like them. Some will be pleasant, some will not, all will serve a purpose!  Remind yourself of the results.  Think of it as ripping a shot of Patron.  Few of us actually enjoy the taste, we consume it with purpose.  Why not rip shots for health?

Juicing is challenging, yet exceptionally rewarding. Essentially, we’re stripping the body of its dependencies and replacing it with its proper nutritional content. Prepare to be irritable, fatigued, and perhaps emotional. Depending on your bodies level of toxicity you may experience headaches, muscle aches, unusual stool (perhaps red and/or black at times), as well as hunger pains; all of which are natural signs of your body ridding its dependencies of accustomed adulterated products. Unfortunately, we live in a society in which McDonalds is cheaper than whole foods. Detoxing is a commitment. Be prepared mentally, physically and financially as well. Teaming up with a close friend or roommate is an excellent idea both in terms of financial and moral support. However, keep in mind you won’t be spending any money on expensive toxins such as alcohol or cigarettes.

*Don’t ever juice anything you wouldn’t normally consume, meaning, you’ll need to peel and seed your produce (that is unless you own a Rolls-Royce status juicer).
*Read your juicer manual, most are not capable of juicing items such as bananas, papayas, or avocados.
*Do not add ground spices to juicer, simply whisk into juice mixture at the end.
*Any recipe that calls for cranberry juice can be whisked in at the end, considering it’s already included in your supplies list in raw juice form.

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