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Darling, I never step on the scale because the scale doesn’t measure sexy.

~ Bella Dolce

Katie Bobka
Nutritional Consultant / Keto Enthusiast / Yogi

Aloha! I’m Katie. I’m a Health Coach, a wanderer, a dreamer, a seeker and occasionally a wackadoo woo-woo yoga instructor.

This is my adventure.

I’m 38 years young. I spent my 20’s studying Anthropology in an effort to financially support my desire for exploration. I wandered through Europe, North, Central and South America on student loans— it was glorious—no regrets.

In order to fill the financial sinkhole I had so joyfully created, I sold what assets I had, booked a flight to Hawaii, moved into an 800 sq. ft. apartment with three other women and shared an industrial vehicle with four friends. I returned to education, becoming a certified Health Coach as well as a Shakti-Flow Yoga instructor. And this is where I stumbled onto my purpose.

Somewhere amongst the kale and woo-woo I uncovered my gift to share with the women of the world— empowerment.

Whether though food or booty shakin’ I’m built to inspire, promote and empower. So that’s exactly what I’ve set out to do. I’ve built this blog in an effort to help you take control of your health and live life empowered.

With much aloha,

xo Katie

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Muse + Me is more than a blog or a brand. It’s a network of empowered women, a community of like-minded individuals and ultimately, a movement of epic proportions!

Muse + Me represents a collaborative collection of individuals dedicated to the worldly proliferation of wellness. We are on a mission to deconstruct convoluted nutritional messages and put health back into the hands of the individual. “How?” you ask- by empowering individuals to assume responsibility over their health.

Interested in joining the movement? Head over to and let’s connect!


If I said life started to make sense right after, I’d be lying. I struggled for 6 months, humbly reflecting on my emotional eating habits and truth in my workout routine. No matter how embarrassed I felt, Kate proudly cheered me on. Her guidance and leadership encouraged me to seek my own answers. Such practice has set me up for success long after we finished working together. I am now confidently wearing a bikini! It is no longer about my weight or ego, Kate taught me, it’s about my relationship with food and self.   -Kimme Vo

Muse + Me, LLC is a state registered and licensed membership service providing clients with effective strategies promoting sustainable weight-loss results and overall increased vitality.

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