Killer Keto Blueberry Muffins

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Blueberry muffins used to be my favorite breakfast food— that is until keto came along. So as you can imagine, I practically peed my pants in delight when I discovered there was a way to make ketogenic blueberry muffins. Naturally, I got to work purchasing the keto-approved ingredients and baking my first batch.

What a bummer!

The first batch was dry and crumbly— not the experience I was hoping for. But I’m not a quitter. It was back to the drawing board with another recipe.

Whomp, whomp whoooooomp!

Honestly, I must have tried four different (unpalatable) recipes before hitting the jackpot. This outrageous recipe was passed along from a client of mine. I’m not sure whether to thank her or curse her for killing my daily carb count. 😉 #totallyworthit

Pan of [keto] blueberry muffins

Killer Keto Blueberry Muffins


Dangerously delicious!





  1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Prepare a muffin tin with 10 fitted liners (or grease with butter).
  2. In a large mixing bowl, add dry ingredients (almond flour, sweetener, baking powder, and salt). Whisk until well combined.
  3. Add heavy cream and beaten eggs to the bowl. Stir together until wet and evenly combined.
  4. Gently fold in blueberries until well-distributed in the batter.
  5. Divide the batter among 10 muffin liners, filling each nearly to the top.
  6. Bake at 350°F until the tops are golden, about 20 minutes.
  7. Enjoy hot with a dab of butter. 

  • Category: Breakfast
  • Method: Baking
  • Cuisine: Keto


  • Serving Size: 1 Muffin
  • Calories: 152
  • Sugar: 4g
  • Fat: 13g
  • Carbohydrates: 10g
  • Fiber: 5g
  • Protein: 4g

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2 thoughts

  1. Oh my gosh you are so right when you say these are killer. So many times people say that these are so delicious or this is so good or this is the best ever whatever and it’s just not as not some of this food I just hate but these are awesome I could add three of them if I would have let myself I had two.

    1. I hear that. Many times I’ve pulled a “World’s BEST” recipe off of Pinterest only to be sorely disappointed. Happy to hear these lived up to their name!

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