5 Reasons You’re not Losing Weight While Dieting

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1. You’re best friends with Starbucks

With 24,000+ locations in 65 countries Starbucks is doing something right to serve the general public. Well, it is ridiculously convenient and outrageously delicious. Promoting speedy service and a commitment to “personalized beverages,” Starbucks sounds like the stuff fast food is made of. We’re all well aware of the industries horrors, but would you ever think of classifying Starbucks as fast food? It’s just coffee. Yea, coffee that encourages Obesity and Type II Diabetes.

Unless you’re ordering unadulterated coffee or espresso you are likely consuming an obscene amount of sugar with your Starbucks fix. Here are a few popular culprits:

  • A 16oz Iced Caramel Macchiato contains 34g of sugar.
  • A 16oz Mocha Frappuccino contains 61g of sugar (double that of the American Heart Association’s recommended daily amount).
  • A 16oz Green Tea Frappuccino (often promoted as a healthy option) contains a whopping 65g of sugar :/
  • The Unicorn, Starbuck’s latest wonder child boasts 76g of sugar- holy diabetes!

Sorry to break it to you, Starbucks not in it for your health. It’s not quality, and while it may taste good, it’s only supporting weight-gain. If you insist on maintaining your relationship with Starbucks reach for black coffee (with a bit of almond milk if need be) or espresso.

2. You’re hooked on your gym’s post-workout recovery smoothie

If your post-workout smoothie tastes like a dream come true, it’s probably too good to be true. You would think a smoothie bar in a gym would have your best interest in mind- sorry bout it- they don’t. The next time you belly up, ask to have a look at the nutritional facts of your fav smoothie. Check out the sugar count. Keep in mind anything over 10g of sugar is likely doing more damage than it is good. I’m not discouraging you from participating in a post-workout muscle rebuilder, I’m simply suggesting you DIY. If you’re not sure which brand to invest in, here are a few clean recommendations: Tera’s Active Recovery (for the conscious carnivore) or Vega Sport (for the veggies).

3. You’re not eating enough fat

Whaaaat?! Conventional nutrition has taught us that eating calorically dense, fatty foods will turn you into a blimp. This outdated notion is being seriously challenged by big name Dietitians, Nutritionalists and Doctors worldwide. Research is mounting to suggest choking down supplements until you’re blue in the face is a waste of time unless you’re chasing them with adequate amounts of water and healthy fats. Here’s the thing, your body needs healthy fats in order to adequately absorb nutrients. In fact, compounds such as lutein, beta-carotene and vitamin E are entirely dependent upon healthy fats in order to be utilized by the body. Therefore, if you’re following a calorie restrictive, low-fat diet you’re likely doing your body a serious injustice.

4. You’re addicted to protein bars

Protein bars are an excellent idea in theory. Let’s say you’ve just left the gym and you’re ravenous. Perhaps you have a few errands to run before sitting down to lunch. Not to worry, a protein bar will effectively buy you some time between meals. Plus, they’re made predominantly of protein (as we know, is high-quality post-workout fuel), or are they?

Sorry to break it to you, but the majority of protein bars on the market are made predominantly of sugar- and by now we’re all well aware that sugar equals weight-gain. There are a few bars on the market that aren’t too shabby. I would highly recommend the brand Epic. If you can get over the fact that Epic bars are much more of a beef jerky experience than a traditional protein bar, you’ll be sold.

5. You’re supplementing nutritional needs with commercial juices

Would it surprise you to hear that your “health” juice may be the equivalent to eating 13 Dunkin’ Donuts? Whaaaaat!!! 13 donuts! Never would you ever beast down 13 Dunkin’ Donuts in one sitting. Appalling isn’t it?

There’s a mob of pre-packaged ‘health’ drinks cropping up in the produce isles of major grocery stores.

Let’s see how some of the popular brands stack up against Dunkin’ Donuts:

  • V8 Fusion- Acai Berry 8 fl oz = 6 donuts
  • Sambazon- Supergreens with Kale and Ginger 8 fl oz = 6 donuts
  • Odwalla- Superfood 1individual bottle = 9 donuts
  • Bolthouse Farms- Green Goodness 11 fl oz = 9 donuts
  • Naked- Green Machine 15.2 fl oz = 13 donuts

Here are some healthier store bought alternatives:

  • Paleta
  • Tio
  • Mix1
  • Suja
  • Juice Generation

Reach for varietals containing 9g of sugar or less. 

Thanks for reading, and good luck on your health and wellness journey!

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