3 Deadly Reasons to Swap Starbucks for Bulletproof Coffee


With 24,000+ locations in 65 countries Starbucks is doing something right to serve the general public. Well, it is ridiculously convenient and outrageously delicious. Promoting speedy service and a commitment to “personalized beverages,” Starbucks sure sounds like the stuff fast food is made of. We’re all well aware of the industries horrors, but would you ever think of classifying Starbucks as fast food? It’s just coffee. Here are 3 solid reasons to consider kicking your good friend Starbucks to the curb.

1. Your cup of joe may be supporting child labor and promoting poverty. 
According to the company’s own global impact report, only 8.4% of the company’s coffee purchases in 2013 were certified fair trade. The remaining percentage claimed the “ethical sourcing” of its product. According to 2015 reports, ethical sourcing accounted for 99% of Starbucks product. Fair trade, ethically sourced, what’s the difference? Fair Trade guarantees farmers a minimum price for their product by linking farmers directly with importers. Most small-scale family farmers live remotely and lack access to credit. Middlemen capitalize on this by offering cash for their crop at a fraction of its value. The term ethically sourced is a bit more convoluted and confusing. The ethical sourcing standard used by Starbucks to purchase their coffee is known as the CAFÉ (Coffee and Farm Equity) Practices program. The standard is comprised of four categories: product quality, economic accountability, social responsibility, and environmental leadership. Interestingly, the first two categories are prerequisites. Sounds like a lot of loopholes.

2. Starbucks encourages Obesity and Type II Diabetes.
Unless you’re ordering unadulterated coffee or espresso you are likely consuming an obscene amount of sugar with your Starbucks fix. Here are a few popular culprits:

  • A 16oz Iced Caramel Macchiato contains 34g of sugar.
  • A 16oz Mocha Frappuccino contains 61g of sugar (double that of the American Heart Association’s recommended daily amount).
  • A 16oz Green Tea Frappuccino (often promoted as a healthy option) contains a whopping 65g of sugar :/ Sorry to break it to you, Starbucks not in it for your health. It’s not quality, and while it may taste good, it’s only supporting your sugar addiction.

3. You can make a better cup of joe from the comfort of your own home.
Ever heard of bulletproof coffee? Bulletproof coffee supports ketosis (fat burning) and healthy brain function. What is bulletproof coffee exactly? It’s a delicious combination of high quality coffee beans (certified organic, fair trade coffee), brain octane (purified MCT oil) and grass-fed butter or ghee blended to creamy perfection.

How will this magic elixir contribute to fat burning and improved cognitive function?

Believe it or not, Grass-fed butter is nutrient dense! A single tablespoon contains 500 IU vitamin A, more carotenes than carrots and high amounts of vitamin K2, vitamin D and vitamin E3. Purified MCT oil is a special classification of fat. In short, MCTs can help you lose weight, curb your cravings, improve cognitive function – even enhance your workouts.

Here’s your recipe for success

1 cup coffee
1 TBL MCT or coconut oil
1 TBL Grass-Fed Butter, ghee or cocoa butter
1 TBL Bone Broth Collagen (optional, makes it SO creamy though)
1 tsp Monk fruit syrup (if you must)

Brew 1 cup choice coffee (I’ve chosen TOM’s Certified Fair Trade). I use a simple french press, combining 2 heaping tablespoons grounds with 8 ounces boiled water.

While water boils (or coffee drips), place 1 tablespoon Grass-fed butter or ghee into blender along with 1-2 tablespoons purified MCT oil.

Once coffee has been pressed, add to blender and blend all ingredients on high for 5 seconds. Guaranteed the creamiest and healthiest cup of joe you’ve ever had!

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