Sweet potato crostinis


Feeling inspired to get creative in the kitchen? Crostinis may be your jam. They’re super fun, artistic and practically impossible to mess up. I’ve been on a low-no grain kick so I thought I’d improvise with sweet potatoes. As it turns out, sweet potatoes serve as excellent flatbread!

Beginning with the salmon, moving clockwise

Wild caught Alaskan smoked salmon
Lemon dijon aioli
Fresh dill

Grass-fed ricotta
Drizzle cold-pressed olive oil
Drizzle aged balsamic
Heirloom tomato
Fresh cracked pepper
Fresh basil
Edible flowers

Port salut
Uncured soppressata
Fresh baby arugula
Peppadew pepper
Micro greens
Amish hot pepper jelly

Homemade bacon guacamole
Grass-fed ricotta
Chopped castelvetrano olives

Triple cream French brie
Organic pomegranate
Drizzle local honey

Triple cream French brie
Organic fig jam
Fresh jalapeno
Uncured capocollo
Fresh edible flowers



Slice choice potato into thin sheets (I’ve chosen sweet and Okinawan potatoes). Drizzle pan with olive oil and place potatoes in oil. Dust with Himalayan sea salt and fresh cracked pepper. Cook on med-high heat until browned (flipping occasionally).

Once potatoes have cooled a bit, decorate them with choice ingredients.

Here are a few more ideas to experiment with:
Fresh burrata
Fresh buffalo mozzarella
Organic goat

Fresh shrimp
Fried egg
Uncured calabrese
Navy beans

Herbs + Spices
Fresh sage
Fresh rosemary
Pickled ginger
Fresh parsley

Huckleberry jam
Fresh berries
Fresh figs
Dried apricots

Pickled onions
Fresh sliced avocado

Get creative with the colors and flavors. Experiment with odd combos of sweet and savory or sweet and spicy. When you’re working with high-quality ingredients these are difficult to screw up. I’d love to hear your thoughts on flavor combos.

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