Oil Pulling: Why You Should


The Benefits:

  • Relieves hangovers
  • Reduces insomnia
  • Prevents bad breath
  • Whitens teeth
  • Strengthens teeth, gums + jaw
  • Supports kidney function
  • General detoxification

How To:

  • Begin on an empty stomach.
  • Use unrefined, organic, virgin coconut oil.
  • Use the right amount for you (no more than a tablespoon).
  • Swish around for 5-20 minutes (don’t gargle).
  • Multi-task (I generally shower or apply makeup while oil pulling).
  • As you swish the oil becomes toxic. Be sure to spit it into a trash can rather than the sink.
  • Brush teeth as normal after spitting out the oil.
  • Try it again tomorrow. Oil pulling for the first time can be rather unpleasant. I encourage you to give it another go- it’s strangely addictive.



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