Cosmic Awe

There’s this notion floating around that we’re desperately suffering from overstimulation. Easy access to porn, drugs, reality tv, video games and media are at fault for our lack of satisfaction and inability to focus.

I beg to differ. I believe we’re largely under-stimulated. In the absence of dirt under our nails, blood on our hands and grass under our feet we’re moving farther and farther from our primitive nature.

So how do we cope with 50 hour work weeks, artificial lights and processed alien food?

We medicate. We distract. We numb. We avoid.

Pills are not the remedy, and money is not the solution.

We need to simplify, to meditate, to cultivate and appreciate.

We need to re-inspire our primal selves and connect with the cosmic energy that unites mind, body and soul.

Namaste spiritual gangsters 🙏

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