Asking for HELP…why we SHOULD

Amanda Palmer

“When we really see each other, we want to help one another.” -Amanda Palmer

Last week I was reading FoundR’s latest issue on The Changemaker when I stumbled upon an interesting take on asking for help.

Musician Amanda Palmer, an extraordinary Changemaker stated, “It is our feelings of unworthiness that prevent us from seeking help.” Considering I am challenged by asking for help, I gave this a great deal of thought.

Am I challenged by feelings of unworthiness? Are we all at one point or another?

I’ve always taken pride in my strength. Believing strong women didn’t cry, they weren’t vulnerable, they couldn’t be broken. They assumed responsibility and handled shit, all on their own. Strong women were independent and served as their own rock.


There is a great deal of strength in acknowledging you can’t do it ALL alone. Assume responsibility, handle your shit, maintain your independence AND expose your vulnerabilities. Exposing your vulnerabilities promotes trust and understanding within relationships, it actually builds strength.

Trust that people offer help when they want to help. Declining an offer is actually doing the giver a disservice.

Thank you Amanda for inspiring me to shamelessly ask for help.

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