What are your INTENTIONS for 2015?


Today I felt compelled to blog about my intentions for 2015.  Before doing so, I scrolled through past posts in order to review previous entries on intention setting.  Ironically enough, I had written a blog entitled “DETERMINATION December,” (in which I mapped out my intentions for the year) exactly one year ago, to the day!  I suppose December 1st is prime time to REDEFINE yourself. 
 I’ve thrown in the towel on New Years Resolutions.  They feel ‘too little, too late;’ generally constituting a hasty compilation of regretful holiday indulgences and previous years’ unkept promises.  Intention writing offers an opportunity to thoughtfully redefine your life’s expectations.It also provides a measure of accountability.  I like to post my intentions in frequented locations throughout my apartment.  Mirrors, refrigerators, office desks, and dream boards all serve as quality viewing locations.  Such posts serve as daily reminders.

The simple act of writing your goals initiates the process of bringing them to life.

PRIORITIZE your goals in order of importance.  FOCUS on one lofty goal at a time. TAKE simple steps each day towards the fulfillment of your goal(s).


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