Manifesting Success

Recently I woke up in a cold sweat, tears streaming down my face. ¬†I dreamt that my brother was being eaten by a great white shark. ¬†After laughing at my mind’s cruel joke and giving thanks to the reality of the situation, I began thinking. ¬†Reality lies in the mind. ¬†Your reality is dependent upon your cognitive process.

So what? ¬†What does it matter if we still must abide by the rules of a collective cognition? ¬†What I extrapolated from this was quite simple and certainly nothing new…

Thoughts Become Things

Too often we discredit the power of the mind.  We are capable of willing into action.  But first, you must believe!

I know what you’re thinking, sounds like some hokey secret garbage. ¬†I get it, I was a skeptic as well, that is until I began manifesting…

8 months ago I was struck by an overwhelming sense of expansiveness. ¬†I was gearing up for the development of my health coach practice and began examining the limitations of island living. ¬†I determined it was time to make moves. ¬†Feeling electric, it seemed unequivocally appropriate to try Miami on for size. ¬†I selected a departure date offering 9 months preparation with a goal savings of $10,000. ¬†I knew in order to hustle quick cash I would have to return to my less than desirable position serving tables on a full time basis. ¬†Burnt out would be an incredible understatement. ¬†Having been in the industry for 13 years, serving tables now serves as a contradictory practice of passion. ¬†It no longer promotes wellness, growth or stimulation. ¬†It simply pays the bills. ¬†In order to maintain my sanity and not become a wretchedly unpleasant individual I began performing mantras on my way to work. ¬†I would amp myself up for a day’s work by reminding myself: be light hearted, be patient, don’t take life too seriously, recognize this is the means to an end, be grateful you can pay your bills. ¬†After my pep talk I would set a specific goal amount for the day’s work. ¬†Sometimes I was feeling ambitious and would “ask” for $300, other times I would “ask” for a humble $120. ¬†Always, I would end my mantra with a promise of fortitude and hard work. ¬†Every single time¬†I performed this mantra I hit my goal within 10 dollars.

Thoughts Become Things

Last week while working a double I felt myself burning out mid shift.  During my break I took time to collect my consciousness and focus on positive intention.  I was aware I would be waiting on a party of 21, which I was less than enthusiastic about.  I began talking about the party as if it was going to be the best party of my life.  By the end of my break I believed it was going to be a brilliant night and I was going to walk out with a fat stack.

On my word (and photo’s proof), that party was the best of my life!

20140627-140652-50812622.jpgFeel free, continue to be a skeptic and see how far that mindset gets you.  Or, take a chance on nothing and try your hand at manifestation.  What have you got to loose?

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