Thai streetfood, worthy or not?

If you’re looking for a satisfying authentic experience at an exceedingly affordable rate, look to streetfood! After a bit of inquiry, paired with a measure of research I’ve concluded Thai streetfood to be perhaps safer & healthier than meats derived from commercial grocery stores. WHY? Commercial meat is mass-produced & preserved, often traveling months before it hits your plate. Whereas, Thai vendors generally serve their catch or kill within 24 hours, & fresh meat is less inclined to carry bacteria.


1. When purchasing meat products such as drumsticks or kebobs be sure to hand select the piece yourself. Select pieces fresh on or off the grill & make sure it’s fully cooked prior to consumption.
2. Stick to vendors with heavy traffic. If their stall is busy, the food is likely turning quickly and brilliantly delicious!
3. Order food that’s cooked while you watch. One of my favorite items were bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms topped with a cherry tomato. We watched as the vendor grilled the skewer over an open flame. We even requested longer grill time to ensure the pork had been cooked thoroughly. Delectable!

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